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Christmas packages & gifts

Tastemakers offers a wide range of tasty, authentic food concepts for the gift and Christmas package industry. A variety of new themes are developed for this every year. For 2021, Tastemakers developed an innovative concept together with Spicy Chef Soenil Bahadoer. All items in the package are selected by the chef himself and contain special flavors and herbs that match Soenil's roots. Thus the whole has become a combination of Western, Surinamese and Hindustani cuisine.

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To travel

For more than 25 years, Frans Kriesels has been traveling the world in search of unique experiences. In a playful way he has “mapped” more than 100 countries and states and knows how to advise the most special experiences from first hand everywhere. In 1995 he started his travel company Global Events.

Together with Soenil, Frans will ensure that all your senses are stimulated with exciting and memorable adventures abroad.

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Non-food products

Kapimex has been a leading international wholesaler for over 30 years. For cooking, dining
and living, products of the highest order are made. Spicy chef and Kapimex have joined forces for 2021. All products are in line with Soenil's tastes and roots.
It is a combination of passion, feeling, passion and taste. You can create all your dishes and
presenting at the highest level.


Als geschenken specialist zijn zij het hele jaar, dag in dag uit, bezig met de leukste gifts verzamelen. Ze selecteren de beste producten en ideeën op (inter)nationale vakbeurzen en bij hun leveranciers, waarbij ze continu op zoek zijn naar de laatste noviteiten en trends. Zij verzorgen de spicy chef® kerstpakketten, zodat onze mooie producten voor een ronde buik kunnen zorgen in de komende koude dagen!

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